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Nature Kid Camp Ibiza 2022

SUMMER CAMP of the Little Guardians of the Earth.


As of July 1, 2022, the Sanctuary of the Guardians of the Earth opens its doors. 


Located in San Mateo, the Sanctuary welcomes your children for a vacation camp, with multiple activities based on the teachings of the Guardians of the Earth program.


Among its activities we will work on the reconnection with oneself and its resources, the reconnection with the animal world and with others, the reconnection with our environment and with the planet.


Within our program we will have:


  • Meditation

  • practice Yoga

  • explore the territory of animals.

  • We will talk about recycling and work with it.

  • sensory games

  • DIY

  • explore the sanctuary's forest and thus we will learn about plants and shrubs in order to later make natural products with them (herbal teas, creams, soaps, etc...)

  • We will do vegetarian cooking workshops.

  • .... and many more things to have fun learning to respect ourselves, use our strengths and protect animals and the planet. 


Places are limited, each group will be supervised by two animators


Ages: From 4 to 11 years 

Schedule: JULY AND AGUST : Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

 Reservation and payment in advance to validate the place

Prices are without food.

  • 135 euros per week 

  • 120 euros the second week 

  • 450 euros per month 

  • -15% for brothers and sisters


In our team we speak : Spanish, English and French !

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